Titusville workers comp attorney

Titusville Workers Comp Attorney

Employees should expect to be safe and comfortable at work, yet many workers suffer injuries while on the job. Titusville Workplace accidents can occur due to a wide variety of circumstances, ranging from an uncomfortable office chair to a falling construction beam. Some common causes of injuries that occur at work include:

• Repetitive stress injuries (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome)
• Lifting heavy boxes or packages
• Unsafe or unsanitary working conditions
• Improper work equipment (including office furniture)
• Aggravating an existing injury
• Equipment failure or malfunction

In the past, workers who were injured while performing duties relating to their jobs were hesitant to ask for compensation due to fear of retaliation. In response to this, no-fault worker's compensation systems were designed to diminish this fear.

Workers compensation laws attempt to remove tension and liability to either the employee or the employer in the event of a workplace injury. By giving up the ability to sue the employer, the employee is entitled to workers compensation benefits, including compensation for medical bills and lost wages. In Florida, nearly all businesses with employees are required to carry workers comp insurance. Despite the fact that no blame is assigned to the employer, don't assume that you will be treated fairly if you file a claim for your Titusville workplace accident injuries.

Employers do not like when employees file workers compensation claims because it affects their premiums. The cost of workers comp insurance is based on a system known as the Experience Modification Factor, which basically compares the amount of payroll paid vs. claim dollars paid out with other businesses in the same industry. Simply put, your claim may cost your employer money. Employers may attempt to deny your claim, stating that your injuries are not serious, or that your injuries don't actually exist at all. Employers cannot legally fire an employee for filing a claim, but that doesn't mean that will not punish them.

The insurance companies will try to give you the minimum amount of compensation possible for your injuries. They may try to downplay your injuries, restrict your treatment options, or refuse to pay for ongoing medical care. Workers compensation claims can be complicated and insurance companies will use this fact to take advantage of injury victims who are naive as to what their rights are. Their goal is to close your claim as quickly as possible.

If you have suffered an injury while at work, then don't accept any form of bullying from either your employer or the insurance company.

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